Can't open file

I keep getting an error. I double checked the name of the .json file was correct so that doesn’t appear to be the issue.
I am in root@dex:/home/pi#

error 2 and says no such file or directory

tried again and got bash export 12345678fake.json not a valid identifier

after moving the = sign

I changed the = sign back and moved it all closer together so export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=dave-12345678b.json and that seemed to fix it but now I am back to can’t open file

Sorry I’m lost. You’re going to have to help me out.
Is there a specific project you’re attempting? I don’t recall that filename “


This is the project. I think the problem stems from this line below: GET THE EXAMPLE CODE
sudo wget - because this just downloads a link to that page.
I tried git clone but that didnt work either. So I am downloading that repository to my windows docs folder and putting it on a USB and addng it to the home/pi that way and we will see if that works.

That works! Seems to be a problem with the sudo wget - as it just gets the webpage where the repository is located. Newbie at Linux doesn’t help either.

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Good its working! Have fun with google cloud! it’s really awesome stuff!