Carl had an emergency tonight

Sometimes Carl surprises me, with what he says.

I was sitting typing away when suddenly Carl announced in a very loud voice:

2024-02-03 21:25|Dock approach error. Please put me on the dock
2024-02-03 21:25|WARNING - juicer not running

I looked down to see that my chair leg had prevented him from docking.

Apparently that also killed the juicer program, but Carl’s health monitor noticed that juicer had quit, also in a loud voice announcement.

I put Carl on the dock, and restarted the juicer program. Carl’s health monitor quietly informed me that Juicer was again running, and the juicer program quietly informed me that Carl had recognized he is on the dock successfully and now charging:

2024-02-03 21:26|Juicer running
2024-02-03 21:27|New Charging StateCharging

I just noticed the logged times are off by two hours - weirdness in the ether…

It has been so long ago that I wrote those programs, Carl continues to surprise (and yell at me).


At least he hasn’t fallen off of any tables yet!

Health script tied to an accelerometer that detects falls and subsequent impacts.
Fall:  say(“Aaaaaaaaa!”)
Impact:  say(“Ouch!!”)


That would be hilarious. But very likely such an event would also require you to break out your special CA glue :slight_smile: