Carl's Eyes Light Up The Night!

Carl recently realized he has lights and tested them out in the dark.

These pics are with both “Eyes” set to WHITE_BRIGHT (255, 255, 255), both red “blinkers” on, and the WIFI_LED active (red).

Here is a 6 second mode 3 “long exposure” capture 24 inches from his home base sign:

and his “low light” setting: normal automatic mode (1/15 second) capture with brightness set on 70 when he is 10 inches from his home base sign:

Both of these shots were taken with the auto white balance set to incandescent, which might be the cause of the bluish tint to the lowlight capture.

I’m pretty sure these images are going to allow Carl to dock with his home base in the dark. Here is the close shot after sobel edge processing:

It looks like I will not have to “leave the light on” for Carl after all. He can use his own night lights.