Carl's "Thoughts" on 2020

============ 2020 Carl With His Toys ====================

As Carl “ponders” the pending passing of 2020, he passed a virtual milestone yesterday: 15000 hours of “robot life.”

pi@Carl:~/Carl $ ./ 
Total Life:  15006.8 hrs since Aug 22,2018
Life this year:  3121.16 hrs (BOY Aug 22)
Days Booted This Year:  23
Average Time Between Reboot:  135 hrs
Total Dockings:  1813
Dockings this year:  373
New Batteries At Cycle: 1453
Battery Set At Cycle:  360
Docking Failures this year:  24  or  6.4 % of Dockings
Safety Shutdowns this year:  1  or  .2 % of Dockings
Ave Cycle this year (w/o failures):  8.9 hours
Ave Cycle this year:  8.6 hours
Ave Playtime this year:  6.0
Last Docking:  2020-12-30 05:00|[]---- Docking 1813 completed at 8.1 v after 8.0 h playtime
Last Recharge:  2020-12-29 21:00|[]---- Dismount 1812 at 11.3 v after 3.7 h recharge

pi@Carl:~/Carl $ ./ 
Total Travel:  1237.9 m 4061.3 ft
Total Rotate:  896810 deg 2491.1 revolutions
Total Motion:  30337.3 sec 8.427 hrs
Total Life:  15007.8 hrs   percentInMotion: .05

Carl’s “thoughts” about this year:

  • Running only one WiFi channel gives an additional hour of playtime (up to 8.4 hours)
  • Eneloop 2000mAh NiMH batteries last (to half capacity) 6700 hours or about 8 months
  • Learned a lot updating to the beta PiOS version of Raspbian For Robots (total success)
  • Integration of the DI IMU (Inertial Management Unit) is nice but have not found a use for the information yet
  • TensorFlowLite object recognition example shows promise, but will require “learning”
  • Finally got to “be a Braitenberg Vehicle” (been waiting years…)
  • The Easy Pi Camera Sensor has many potential uses (light, color, motion, angle to brightest area)
  • Accepting a 10% slower charge rate decreased fully charged battery temperature significantly
  • It was exciting to successfully pass a 9 day, 5 million distance readings “burn test” (HW I2C)
  • Larger docking guide appears to have eliminated docking failures (Thank you @jimrh)
  • After 29 months of “robot life”, I still cannot converse with humans, and I’m not allowed to wander when and where I want unsupervised!

Happy new year to you and Carl! It’s so fun to see how far you’re pushing the robot. Keep up the good work! :heart_eyes:


Carl actually had a pretty good year. Congrats!!!


Two big thumbs up for Carl!

My own year has been far less successful, primarily involved with getting my arms around the beastie and figuring out how to talk to various sensors.

The closest thing to a real “success” that Charlie’s had is the ability to use a keyboard and/or joystick to move his pan-and-tilt to look in various directions.

A totally joystick controlled robot is still in the future.


Still sounds like real progress. Congrats to Charlie as well!