Case for GrovePi

Is there a case for the combination of the Raspberry Pi and the GrovePi when they are attached to each other?

Hey Chipps,
There is not yet, but we have developed one and we’re currently having it manufactured. It should be available in a few weeks on our website!

Looking for a GrovePI+ case for RPI2 as well. If there IS one, please send (preferably in an editable format, say obj or sketchup or something) and I’ll try it out on 3D printing AND do a laser cut.


Hello cyberchucktx,

The GrovePi case works with the Pi2 and the Raspberry Pi B+. However, it could be better designed for the GrovePi+. It fits, but it could have a better design. I’m going to throw this up on my own list to work on over the next few days.

Do you have any thoughts on how we could make it better? Other than adding more holes at the top, could we do anything else to make it better?

Thanks! And thanks for the reminder on this!

Is there some way for me to talk to you real time? Passing emails back & forth is painfully slow.

Short answer: if I have the case model in some editable form I can adjust it to make it fit better. I have access to open source programs and (I think) Inventor and/or Solidworks.

Would prefer to do things in OpenSCAD but I can do just about anything (eventually).

Sure, we can connect on skype. Can you contact me through our website and we can get setup.