Caution: Full Time OpenCV on GoPiGo3

Interesting anecdotal datum:

This morning, I was running an OpenCV program, (on my GoPiGo3 / RPi 3), that allows user to determine useful RGB or HSV masking values, by looping showing the input image, a set of sliders, and the masked image.

I stepped away for a while, leaving the program running, and upon returning I noticed the processor temperature had risen to 78degC which is approaching the 80degC temperature thresholding limit.

The program shows 60 to 65% in the CPU Usage Monitor of the Raspbian For Robots noVNC Desktop and uptime reports average load of 3.5.

Another interesting datum: the additional load caused my smart charger to falsely detect full charge status, causing Carl to get off his dock early (only 2 hours of usual 3 hours). He will have a shortened playtime and will return early for his next fill-up.

This experience may suggest caution when designing and testing “real-time” OpenCV applications.

My plan will use periodic single-image analysis which I don’t expect to be a problem on the GoPiGo3.