Change Hostname

i need to change the hostnames on my pis as I have three now. when I open the Boot (sd card) there is no hostname file. What should I do next?


Hey Jeff,

A couple of quick questions, I think we’ve corresponded a few times. YOu have the latest Dexter Industries image, right? If this is a version from before November 2015, it won’t have that file on there. Did you download and install it, or buy it from us? What’s the date on the SD card if you bought it from us?

Are you using Win 7? Do you have hidden files showing? (

Yes, we’ve corresponded a few times. I purchased all three cards from you through Amazon. I changed the windows settings to show hidden files. All three cards have files dated February of 2015 or before. Yes I am using win7.

I am working with Taryn and Elizabeth on a case study and some web content.

Updating my sd cards to latest image.

WOOT WOOT! it worked I was able to change the host names. Now when I connect via ethernet and/or VNC i will use the new name I gave each OS instead of using “dex” right?!?!?

ok new problem can not connect to the new OS

Needed to reboot after itunes install DUH! thx all good…for now