Charlie and Charline

Here’s a “group photo” of Charlie and Charline.

Charline still needs additional functional testing and a bumper.

I decided to change her lipstick color.

Both 'bots have automatic 5v supplemental power, but I still need to get a type-C connector for Charline.


  1. Are there any reports of compatibility issues with the new V3 camera and GoPiGo O/S?  I’ve noticed when using Chrome on an Android phone that Charline’s V3 camera doesn’t appear to be working.
    Note that I have not tested with a V1.n camera, nor have I tried replacing the ribbon as I want to test it with my laptop first.

  2. Can anyone suggest a “plug-and-play” ROS implementation for the GoPiGo using a Pi-4, along with the camera and distance sensors, and without all the extra fancy stuff like LIDAR, stereo cameras, GPS, a CRAY on a trolly behind it, retractable landing gear, etc?

Hopefully I’ll have a family photo including Cindy soon.


Actually, I don’t suggest ROS for you long-term, but if your curiosity for a ROS 2 “Humble” adventure cannot be quenched - The image and step by step exploration guide for a fully ROS 2 Humble Charlie or Chalene has been awaiting you at:


I can’t see ROS being a long term passion as it has been for you folks, but my curiosity has been riz as they used to say, and though I might not be happy with it, I’d at the very least like to say I tasted it.

It’s likely that I may discover that ROS solves a number of frustrating issues in ways I never imagined.

It’s also likely that I may decide that ROS, like Quantum Mechanics and string theory, is just a bit chewier than I need right now.

Or maybe both.  I’ll never know until I try.

SOMEBODY around here needs to keep their finger on the pulse of the lesser GoPiGo operating systems, 'eh?  :wink:

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