Charlie gets a new Pan-and-Tilt


Thought I’d share the new pan-and-tilt I recently installed on Charlie. . .

Here’s the side view showing Charlie’s new pan-and-tilt.

And here’s Charlie peeking at us sideways!

This will become part of the Remote Camera Robot project where I can actively change the robot’s point of view, (look around), while driving.

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While you are learning Javascript, callbacks, DOM, and all the many wonderful tidbits of genius in the Remote Camera Robot, you have an “opportunity” to add a heads-up-display overlay of the current heading according to the IMU, according to the wheel-encoders, and distance traveled during this sprint (from start of this movement).

Of course that is after you are the master POV programmer.

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Oh, don’t be a wimp!  Go for the Gold!  Why not include GPS tracking and “return home”, along with Stratum-1 time accuracy - and a half-dozen motors that can be used to turn Charlie in to The Flying Nun Robot!  :wink:


I’ll be tickled pink all over if I can get the blasted thing to respond to my joystick.  If I can return confirming status messages from the robot to the browser - it’ll be like I hit the Lottery!

A HUD overlay on the screen?  I’m not holding my breath for that one, though the nipple.js source might be interesting since the nipple is - in a sense - an overlay on the image.

If I can get my initial goals accomplished, I’ll be a happy camper!

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