Charlie has an Identity Crisis! Vellman 3" display befuddles my GoPiGo

I tried that today and, indeed, it appeared to work. That is, it didn’t throw any errors! I am planning on actually trying a “swap” of the SD cards tomorrow to see if the copy boots and runs.

With regard to backups in general, there appears to be some, (possibly), un-documented assumptions about the file backup process.

I inserted a 64gig, NTFS formatted flash drive into my 'bot, and hit the “file backup” icon on Charlie’s desktop.

Several interesting things happened:

  1. The file-backup process appears to expect the drive to be mounted on /mnt/bak_drive (or something like that, Charlie is asleep now and I can’t check the exact path).
  2. It wouldn’t use the existing flash drive, (mounted on /media/something-or-other), though it was visible, writable, and usable - it complained about not being able to get access to it.
  3. It went ahead and created a “bak_drive” folder under /mnt and placed a gzipped file there.
  4. If I forced the card to mount on the special /mnt/bak_drive (?) mount point by putting the flash drive’s UUID in fstab and mounting it there at boot time, it will use it - once - and then un-mounts it.
    Interestingly enough, if I re-install the flash drive by removing and re-inserting it, it does NOT re-mount on the /mnt/bak_drive mount point. That only happens when the drive is in place during a reboot.

IMHO there appears to be something missing here - assumptions about what should be happening, and I seem to have missed that particular memo when it went around.

What are the expectations for a “file backup”? What am I missing here?

I’m planning on looking at that script tomorrow, though I thought you might want to help clarify a few things first.