Charline unboxing and build-out

Today I decided to begin unpacking and building Charline.

Here’s the base kit.

As you can see, they still include a “Dexter” screwdriver!

Here are the accessories I’m going to include as a part of Charline.

This includes a pan-and-tilt, camera, and the distance sensor (with the googly eyes).

The pièce de résistance is the eyelashes!

There is one joker in the deck:

You can see (if you look carefully) several solder blobs/splashes on the top-side connector pins and several pins have cold solder joints at the PCB.  Since I plan to make use of them, I’m going to have to correct the sloppy Chinese assembly process.


Looking forward to following your progress.

PS - I have to confess that I’ve never understood the appeal of googly eyes.


Well. . .

First, they’re a whimsy and I think they’re fun, not unlike @cyclicalobsessive’s use of minion characters as an alter-ego for his robots.

Second, robotics is hard.  Paraphrasing the song Dark as a Dungeon:  “The frustrations are doubled and the pleasures are few”[1] and nowhere is this more evident than in investigative research of any kind - including robotics.

IMHO, “googly eyes” insert a necessary degree of humor into this difficult subject.

Of course, the best reason of all is “I like 'em!”


  1. See
    “Where it’s dark as a dungeon and damp as the dew.
    Where the dangers are doubled and the pleasures are few.
    Where the rain never falls and the sun never shines;
    It’s dark as a dungeon, way down in the mines.”

See also Merle Travis’ original version at:


Yo, NGDB is doing their “Farewell Tour” this year. Talk about taking me back to my college days. Thanks for the “trip!”

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I get that. And I actually enjoy whimsey and keeping things fun. But apparently I have a googly-eye shaped hole in my soul because this particular kind of whimsey just never seems to connect with me.



I don’t necessarily “get” minions either, but if that helps @cyclicalobsessive keep the angst meter down, I’m all for it.

(Though to be honest, the “minion” paradigm kinda’ works, like the “insect” paradigm for Charlie and Charline.)

So, how are you planning to “decorate” Finnmark?  Maybe a “retro sci-fi robot” look?

(Sound bite:  “Danger Will Robinson!  Danger!  Danger!”)  :wink:  :rofl:


I sorta like Minions. Just goes to show you - different strokes.
I’ll have to think about what I want to do with Finmark once it stops collecting dust on my shelf.
I did really like Lost in Space though - will have to consider that :slight_smile:


Just 3D Print those side panels Dexter gave the stl files for, changing the words to “Finmark” and put some black paint on the letters?


The ice cream is an optional accessory - just watch out for the drips!


That’s a great idea.

the biggest drip will be the one programming the robot :wink: