Chasis Print Eroor

I just bought a gopigo and the chasis clearly has a manufacturing error. The groves on the sides don’t line for the engine mounts and some of the holes are half-way printed on the side. Should I return the whole thing or do you just want to mail out a new one? I have pictures.

Hey Markmax, that’s definitely not how it’s supposed to be. Doh!

We’ll replace the chassis immediately. We have a few of these replacement parts ready to ship.

Can you contact us through our website here:

Amber will get you setup with a replacement. We’re really sorry about the defective part and we’ll make this right asap.

I sent a message through the page but didn’t get anything back from yet…

Hey Markmax, I’ll check into this and see why you haven’t gotten a response yet. Thanks for your patience.

emails sent and still no response…

I checked and we haven’t gotten any message as of yesterday. So I pulled your e-mail from the forums, and had Amber reach out to you. Did you receive any communications yet?

I got an email and replied back. Thanks!