Chess Robot using BrickPi3 - with vision and sound



Implemented sound. Got rid of cv2 and now just uses PIL. Improved fswebcam usage.


Painted the brown pieces matt black, and enhanced the vision algorithm


Just with PIL? Very impressive!


Thanks! Yes, just with PIL.


Why get rid of cv2? Why go with pillow instead? I’m really curious to see what was the reason that pushed you to go with it.



Well, to implement the algorithm which I describe in, I only need a few simple functions. cv2 is large, and difficult to install. In fact when I attempted to install a version in order to get Extra functions, the RPi just hung/froze after going through many steps.


I see. And yeah, I have to agree with the fact that cv2 is large and takes a lot to have it working.

Fun fact: I’m at this moment trying to get cv2 installed on the Raspberry Pi and it’s a pain.


There’s a wheel available now on piwheels for cv2. Should be much easier to install.