Cinch Operating System

I like to use Cinch because then the GoPiGo broadcasts its own wifi which makes using it in school a pinch. It hasn’t been updated though like Raspian for Robots has been. Is Cinch dead / is it possible to turn Raspian for Robots into a Cinch alternative (i.e. broadcasting its own SSID/wifi network)? Thanks.

Hi @resterampe,

Technically, there are 2 scripts that convert a R4R image into Cinch and vice-versa.
It’s true it hasn’t been updated in a while - we’ve been focused on other stuff lately.

Seeing that there are still users asking for Cinch support, we might bring it back to life, so to speak.

Anyway, if you really want to give it a shot, the fastest way is to run a script that turns an R4R image to cinch. That is this one:

Since we haven’t touched it in a while, it may or may not work.

Before running it with sudo permissions, be sure you’re using a R4R image and that you’re launching it from its directory. If my memory serves well, the Raspbian_For_Robots directory is in ~/di_update.
Also, I suggest you go with a Raspberry Pi 3 and not a 3 B+, nor the older models that didn’t have built-in WiFi.
If you don’t have a choice and you’ve only got older models, you’d need the Dexter Industries RTL8188 WiFi adapter we used to sell - no other adapter other than this one will work.

Once the script has finished executing, reboot the Raspberry Pi and see if you’ve detected a dex SSID around.

The other script is for reverting a Cinch image back to R4R “mode”. To do this, run its counterpart script.

Then, do the usual stuff: reboot and see if the SSID disappears.

Let us know how it goes for you.

Thank you!

EDIT: Apparently, this thing only works on Jessie and not on Stretch.