Cinch update breaks gui

After updating cinch from the desktop, I can no longer access scratch or any gui programs. Any ideas??


Hi @fcmdrm,

Can you tell us a little more about how you did the update and also it could be an error while updating, can you try out our latest version from here.


Update from the desktop, DI Update, took almost 45 minutes, said update completed successfully. After reboot and login through vnc, any gui I try to open instantly closes with a missing randr message.

Hmm. Sounds like a corrupt SD card. can you redo the SD card?

Yes, I have redone 3 times, I’ll try a new card to see if the issue still exists. Give me a couple hours or so.

Part of DI Update is keeping Raspbian up to date. Not just Dexter software.
And lately, the Raspberry Pi Foundation updated a lot of stuff for their new Raspberry Pi Zero W. Unfortunately that makes DI Update take a really long time now ! :frowning: but it shouldn’t break it.

ETA: my own DI Update worked fine. The issue is elsewhere.