CODE for NXT dGPS project

My son has recently purchased the dGPS unit for the LEGO NXT. We were going to build the Autonomous vehicle you featured several years ago and demonstrated driving and avoiding obstacles in a parking lot. It looks like you have updated your website and the information has been erased or archived. Does someone have this? The old Youtube video featuring it from 2010 was called SARG and SARG-2 Obstacle avoidance.

This zip has the code in it.

Thank you John. We do need one more bit of help, do you have the dGPS and navigation NXT blocks?


Hello JohnC. Can you please post again location where “this zip has the code”. Interesting to check this project as well. Saw not a lot time ago at youtube video and blog pictures here, but not the correct code. Thanks.

Hey everyone, about a year ago we migrated this code over to Github. We’ve tried to update everywhere we could find links, but we definitely missed some.

Hope this helps, and sorry for the poor linkage.