Coding Grove Humidity and Temperature Sensor with Codeblocks

hi everyone, i have a question, i need to programming this sensor in c++ with codeblocks, i precise that, this sensor is connect to a grovePi+ board link to a raspberryPi zero. i would know how programming this sensor in c++ with codeblocks?

thank you for your answer

Hi @jeanbossert67,

You might want to check our library for the GrovePi written in C++:

On that GiHub page you’ll also find the code for the DHT sensor, which is a sensor for measuring the temperature and humidity of the medium.

Now, about writing programs in C++ in CodeBlocks for the RaspberryPi, well you have to install the IDE on it. Here’s an answer that shows you how to install it:

Or if you want to remote compile it and run, then I’d take a look at the following tutorial:

Thank you!