Combine boards [Solved]

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I’m new here, and planning to buy one or more of your products to learn and play with my kids.
I think I will go for a Brickpi, better for kids IMO. But I am also very interested by Grovepi because of the wide range of sensors and possibilities.
So my question is : is it possible to combine a brickpi board, and a grovepi board on the Rasberry Pi at the same time ? (so I can mix the grove sensors with Lego engines ?)

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This should be technically possible: they both use different pins for operations. The only challenge would be that the case for the BrickPi won’t accomodate the GrovePi board.

Before i destroy my boards (for brick and grove) I like to get a definite answer if I can use the brickpi and the grovepi boards at the same time while stacking them. The phrase “should” in the answer seems not to be that confident. Can we get a verified answer from someone that actually tried this. including a sample program?

I like to test this out. If this works, we are interested in a case. We do have a 3d printer so we could print a case for this. So if you have a plan for a 3d printable case that includes th raspberrypi 3 + brickpi + grove that would be great. We intend to host all sensors from grove on 3d printed lego connectors. I intend to let some 5 and 6th graders work with this.

We are also interested in some more advanced sensors for our “claw” that we build and can not find the joystick grove as it seems to be sold out, Any chance to get them back in stock?


There would be no problems when you stack a GrovePi board on top of the BrickPi or the other way around. BrickPi uses Serial for comms and GrovePi uses I2C for comms, so there would be no problems of them interfering with each other. All the programs will work in the same manner and there would be no changes required to get them to work too.

We don;t have any designs for a 3d printed case right now for the BrickPi or the GrovePi.

Seeed usually gets the sensors back in stock in a few days so you should check back that page in a couple of days to see if the joystick is available.