Communicating via Serial using C#


Hi all! I’m looking at the Arduberry for a university project involving a Raspberry Pi and a GSM expansion module originally for Arduino.

I see there are libraries for C and Python provided. Can the Arduberry be communicated with using any serial-capable language? I wish to use C# with Mono on the Pi to interface with the GSM board via the Arduberry. I notice that an example was provided to talk using Python and the generic pyserial library - which leads me to hope I could use the C# serial libraries to achieve the same result.

Much like this:

If any one has any thoughts on this I’d greatly appreciate input cause I’m new to the Pi, handling serial, and working with C# on a linux platform!

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @roryleng,

Thanks for choosing ArduBerry, Yes Arduberry can communicate serially and if you follows the python/Arduino tutorial it should work for you.

If you wish to use C# and if there are libraries for serial communication then it should work but we might not be able to help a lot because we have not tried it or used C#.

Please do let us know how it works for you,