Connect GoPiGo, Arduino, and VEX robots

Dear all,

My son has multiple robotic kits at home, one GoPiGo, two Arduino ones and now he is moving to VEX. I feel such a waste to leave GoPiGo and Auduino ones on shelf.

I’d love to hear suggestions and ideas on how to connect them and put them together to do something interesting.


Hey @skywalkersv, this is a great idea! I think hooking them up just requires a bit of tinkering. Just to be clear are you using the GoPiGo2? The Arduino can definitely control the GoPiGo2 over I2C, and you could easily adapt the C libraries we have that run on the Raspberry Pi.

As for the Vex, you may need to do a little research on whether the Vex can be programmed with I2C. Do you know if it can?