Connect over ethernet

Regarding the Rasbian for Robots when I navigate to I find mostly DexterOS stuff and only one other thing

Why are there DexterOS downloads on Raspbian for Robots page?

When I burn that to my SD card, I don’t think my GoPiGo3 wants to boot. When I connect HDMI I don’t see anything happening. So does not seems to work for me.

Why is this called experimental? Why does this mean? Should I expect to not work in some cases - like mine?

Now I do understand that the idea is to connect to http://dex.local but if would be nice to have some more instruction that would allow me to see if everything is working correctly.

First, the page you are on is not only for Raspbian for Robots. DexterOS is also based on Raspbian Stretch, with customizations.

The Raspbian For Robots Buster Image has not been officially released, meaning testing has not been completed. It is for folks running the Raspberry Pi 4 to try.

What version RPi are you working with?

BTW, official support from DI is now via or email