Connect sensors over WiFi


is there any way to connect a grove sensore over WiFi ?

Sensore----WiFi-Module ))) <-> ((( WiFi-Module----GrovePi—raspberrypi

I hope you get what i what i want.

I found a kind-of solution with the Texas Instruments SensoreTag. But its not really what i’m looking for.

I couldn’t find a answer to my question (maybe my english is to bad or i’m not getting all the details) but if there is already an answer please help me to find it.

Thanks for your help.

I think I understand what you mean.

You could have:
sensor-GrovePi-Raspberry-WIfi <<=>> wifi-raspberry

Basically the sensor has to be directly connected to GrovePi on a raspberry Pi, as only the Raspberry Pi can be equipped with Wifi.
However one Pi can talk to another Pi via wifi.

So if your sensor has to be at a certain distance, it would require two Pis for communication.