Connect Sensors wirelessly

Hi, All,

is it possible to connect Grove Sensors (two Temp/Humi Pro which measure different locations) wirelessly to the GrovePi? If yes, what do I need?

Thanks a lot in advance!


In theory you can use something like this: to connect the wireless humidity sensors and connect one of them with GrovePi too to receive the data. We have not tried it but think that it is doable but you might have to work on the firmware and software for the code that goes on the wireless sensor and how it interacts with the GrovePi.


There are a lot of DevDuino sensor nodes: see so see them all.
Note also that all DevDuinos have a temperature sensor MCP9700 on-board, but in V4 this is replaced by a HTU21D temperature and humidity sensor.

Karan, to you mean that Soenke, or me, can hook up a nRF24L01+ module to the GrovePi? Do you know is someone already do that?

DevDuino 4.0 looks ideal for monitoring since it already has a humidity and temp sensor.

There are multiple ways to go with the NRF module. One is to find a NRF module which has a grove serial connector so that you can directly connect it to the RaspiSer port and start communicating with the nodes. The other is to use another Devduino and connect it to the GrovePi I2C port. You can have the Devduino do all the low level communications and pass the data to the Raspberry Pi from the serial port. Any of this approach would require you to write the firmware for the node and the code to communicate with the NRF connected to Grove via Serial or I2C.


Do you know of any NRF Grove module available?

I know that NRF24L01 can even be connected directly to the Raspberry (see, but I don’t know if I would be able to use it together with a GrovePi.

You can pretty much use that example with the Raspberry Pi and devduino and would pass-through the GrovePi. Just one thing, the CE0 pin is connected to the GrovePi reset pin. So if you are using that example, either don’t connect the GrovePi if you are not using it or use another pin for chip select on SPI.