Connecting 3-wire sensor to analog 4-wire port in GoPiGo

I have a GoPiGo kit to which I want to connect to it a Grove - 80cm Infrared Proximity Sensor.
This sensor comes with a 3-wire cable and I see that the analog port in the GoPiGo is 4-wire.

Do you have solution for this with a special converter from 3 to 4 wires?
Any other idea how to connect this sensor to the GoPiGo?

Hi @chen.brandes,

You can use a cable like this. But be sure to connect the Black male jumper to the Black wire of the proximity sensor(GND). Similarly Red jumper to to the Red wire of the sensor (Power) and yellow jumper to yellow wire(SIGNAL) of the sensor. Leave the White jumper unconnected.

Please let us know if this helps,