Connecting BMA400 3-axis digital accelerometer to raspberry pi 3B+

Hi guys!

BMA400 is Bosch’s latest ultra low-power accelerometer (link). I was really drawn to its prospects of being used as a sensor to measure pump vibrations with my raspberry pi. Currently, my accelerometer is connected to a grove pi + that sits on my Pi. However, I could not find any open source code to get the sensor working. I am not very fluent in writing code and merely know Python up until Objects. Can anyone give me some advice on how to even start writing code to get the sensor to talk?

Thank you so much.

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Disclaimer: I am not DI, and do not own a GrovePi

It would appear that you are forging a path just ahead of Dexter engineers. There is a GrovePi Python driver for a very similar chip ( 3-axis, i2c interface) here which you could use as a template, and change the address and register constants per the Grove BMA400 example C++ code here:

Or perhaps @RobertLucian or @cleoqc will tell you that the BMA400 is in plan soon.

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thank you, i’ll have a look.

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