Connecting many ultrasonic sensors[SOLVED]


I am currently working on a gopigo project and I need to mount and connect 3 ultrasonic sensors. I did some research, and it said that you can only mount 2 ultrasonic sensors. Is there any way to mount one more sensor? If not, how can I connect a grovepi to gopigo and raspberry pi?


Hi @cubloxia,

You can connect only two ultrasonic sensors to the GoPiGo board directly. If you wish to connect more you can use a GrovePi along with GoPiGo. In order to have the GoPiGo and the GrovePi connected you will have to connect the I2C port of GoPiGo and any I2C port of GrovePi with a Grove cable.

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Thank you for the reply, It really helped! :smile:


Hi @cubloxia,

Thanks a lot for your response, Glad that we were able to help you!!!
Wish you good luck!


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