Connecting multiple machines to a Raspberry Pi

Once I connect my Raspberry Pi to Wifi with an Ethernet cable, can I use a different computer to connect to it rather than the computer I initially used for the setup?

I have a desktop with an Ethernet port but I want to use my laptop to connect and program with after the initial connection.


Never mind. I’m all good now.

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Hi @carteri246,

I’m just jumping in here since this thread is still open.

So, if you have your Raspberry Pi connected to a WiFi, then you can connect to your Raspberry Pi through VNC/SSH just fine with another computer that’s connected to the same local network (aka WiFi).

The idea is to bring the Raspberry Pi on the same network as your local machines. Once you do that, then you can connect to your Raspberry Pi with any machine just fine.

Hope you already got this.

Thank you!

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