Connecting multiple wireless sensors


Sorry if this is a duplicate topic (or the 100th time someone else asks the same thing). I’m new to tinkering with a Raspberry PI, just got mine, and I was wondering how could I connect multiple sensors wirelessly. I’ve found multiple ways of doing this, but I would like to focus more on the software part instead of hardware. I have no experience in this area and having to do it would more than double the time needed. This is the main reason why I’m considering a GrovePI.


Hello @andrei.scheau7

The GrovePi uses cables, it is not wireless. While it will let you connect sensors without the need for an electrical engineering degree and you would be up and running pretty fast, it’s not really what you would call wireless.

However, depending on your project, you could have a GrovePi in your garden shed (for example) and read it from inside your house. As long as the wifi reaches the shed, you would be fine. In that sense, yes, it would be wireless.

So to summarize, the grovepi does need cables to connect to sensors, but once you have the Pi connected to a network, you can remote access it to read the sensors.

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I do have multiple projects in mind and one of them actually involves a garden. What are the operating temperature limits of the Pi and GrovePi? Will that be a problem? Also, is there any way to waterproof the entire system?

Regarding the initial question, I was thinking about connecting GrovePi sensors to wireless modules and then connecting them to the Raspberry. (I don’t know if this is possibile, it’s just what I thought it would be like)

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hey @andrei.scheau7 to waterproof the system, you would need to find a waterproof box. There’s nothing out there to waterproof the sensors though.

If you need to wirelessly connect multiple sensors to your Raspberry Pi, and you need waterproofing, you might look for a different system.

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