Connecting my own magnetic contact switch

How can I connect my own magnetic contact/reed switch? Ideally I would like to use the pins (not the connectors) but I can not find any documentation on the pins labelled RPI_CONN. Where can I get these docs and what is the best way to connect a magnetic reed switch (I want to detect a door open or closed status).

Hi Geoff

I’m not sure if this is relevant for what you want, but maybe this?

I hope this helps, otherwise I’ll get someone more knowledgeable to help out.


You might find the information here useful too: It might be easier to use the 4 pin grove ports since they all are 5V and connected to the Pi via the GrovePi and accessible from the python functions. The Grove ports have 4 pins and have the pinout like GND, +5V, Sig1 and Sig2.


also, RPI_CONN is the standard 26 pin header connected to the Pi. You can find out more about the pins on there here:

I should have known it would be that obvious :slight_smile: thanks.

Good information to know - thanks.

Very useful - I didn’t know that document existed - than you!