Connecting Pivot Pi board to Raspberry pi

How do I connect the PivotPi to the raspberry pi? There is no proper installation video demonstrating how this is done. All the videos feature the PivotPi already connected to the pi.

I need to be sure on how these 2 boards connect before ordering the Pivot pi base kit. Do I just place the pivot pi on top of the raspberry? Do the GPIO pins of the pi plug into the Pivot pi board?

I’ve not seen holes in the pivot pi board for the GPIO pins to plug into.

Can someone please share a video or some pictures on how to connect these 2 boards.

Thank you.

Hello @fadilonline, you can find installation directions (how to connect the PivotPi to the Raspberry Pi) here. If you scroll down to “Connecting the PivotPi to the Raspberry Pi” you see a few pictures showing how the PivotPi connects up to the Raspberry Pi.

In particular, you might be interested in this picture.

Thank you for the quick reply.

Does the black bridge connecting the six pins of the Raspberry pi to the pivot pi come in the PivotPi Base kit?

I don’t need to solder anything, right?

And can still use the remaining raspberry pi pins that are not used by the pivot pi?

Thank you.

It does come, You also don’t need to solder anything.
Yes you can also use the remaining pins.

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Just echoing @graykevinb: yes! No soldering to attach the PivotPi.

Thank you all.

I can confirm I have just ordered the kit. Looking forward to playing with it.

Feel free to close this thread.