Connecting raspberry pi to gopigo

I am trying to connect our raspberry pi to the gopigo but the heat sync is in the way. What do I do?

The heat sink isn’t necessary.

Hey dl4syth, can you post a picture? CleoQc is right, you really don’t need a heat sink for the Raspberry Pi. Are you putting the heat sink on the main processor of the Pi or somewhere else?

Yes, here it is.

Hey dl4syth,
You should remove the heat-sink. They are mostly of of aesthetic use with the Pi than for any kind of performance or cooling. You might also shot something on the GoPiGo.


Yes, a picture of this getting in the way of the GoPiGo would be idea. I don’t see how it could possibly be blocking marriage with the GoPiGo, so I’m still confused about how you can’t get the Pi on the GoPiGo with the heat sinks.

Here it is.

That looks like a GoPiGo 1, no?

Your best option would be to just remove the cooling fins on the Raspberry Pi.