Connecting to Bloxer with GoPiGo2

Ok i figured out how to get on bloxer but i cant connect my robot! My ethernet cable hasnt been working! How do i connect it to internet and bloxer?

Hi @outspokenzombie,

Can you give us details on what you’ve tried to do?
Without details, it’s really hard for us to give a hand of help.

  1. Did you use a micro SD Card with DexterOS on it?

  2. Did you connect a power supply to the robot? Like a micro USB or a battery pack?

  3. When you’ve plugged in the power supply, after a couple of minutes, did you see any WiFi network appear on your mobile/laptop? GoPiGo network should appear. You don’t need to connect to the GoPiGo with an Ethernet cable when it’s running DexterOS.

  4. The GoPiGo with a DexterOS on it can’t be connected to the internet. That’s by-design.

Also, have you looked at our instructions on Here’s a link:

Hope your issue gets fixed as soon as possible.

Thank you!

is it possible that you are going to and this is what you see?:

In that case, you’ve reached the online bloxter - which is only meant to be able to code when your GoPiGo3 is not available. To connect to your actual GoPiGo3, you need to :

  1. Boot the GoPiGo3 with the DexterOS card
  2. When the green light turns on at the tip of the Dex antenna, you can switch your computer’s connection to the Wifi that the GoPiGo3 sends out. (by default it’s named GoPiGo)
  3. Once the connection is made, the antenna light will turn blue
  4. At that point you can start your browser and go to - you will reach the version that is connected to your own GoPiGo

It might be helpful to check out the DexterOS page to get started. You will not be using an ethernet cable to connect to DexterOS.