Connecting to university wifi (WPA-2 Enterprise)

I’m hoping to use BrickPi3 & Raspberry Pi 3B for a Intro to Programming course in the Fall. One big obstacle has been connecting to the university wifi, which uses WPA-2 Enterprise security. I’ve tried following instructions from several RPi discussion boards, but with no luck so far. Are there any Dexter/Raspbian for Robots resources that would help? (I’ve seen a screenshot of what looks like a Rasbian for Robots network connection utility.)

I’m currently using Raspbian with the BrickPi3 drivers installed. (I was not able to get Cinch working – see my other posts.) I need a wifi connection to work so that students can connect to a mobile robot by ssh. Connecting to a home WPA wifi network works, as does the university guest wifi – but that is not a workable solution for a number of reasons.

I answered you on the other post. I hope it will help understand what Cinch is.
Cinch was meant for environments that are not friendly (universities are notorious for that!) but does not allow access to the Internet at the same time.
If you need full internet access while running your robots (it could be to use Google Cloud Vision API, or Microsoft Azure services), then Cinch isn’t your solution. If you don’t need the Internet while running the robot, your best bet is still Cinch.
However we can’t really help with your university networking as we don’t know how it’s set up. You would need to ask a sys admin, unfortunately.

Hope this helps a bit,

Thanks for the reply, Cleo. I understand that Cinch is a workaround to avoid a internet connection, and that is not what I need for this project. My reason for trying out that route was that I thought Cinch might have some additional wifi utility that could help. I was hoping to be able to sort this out without going to the university IT, but I guess I’ll need to do that.

If I do end up not being able to connect to wifi, and have to go with the Cinch option – would that work with a classroom full of RPi/BrickPis? (I.e. making sure each student connects to their own robot.)

Cinch will work with multiple robots, as long as each robot has a unique name. Then each student can connect to the appropriate robot.