Connecting wifi


I am confused
when rasberry pi connects, does it connect to the wireless route or the macbook or both.

if I want to put commands on the rasperry system thru the macbook for example to running a test to make the wheels move is it communicating directly with the macbook or the wireless router which then connects to the macbook

right now on the rasperry pi3 i have wireless wifi built on the card i also have one connected thru the usb. how do i see both and select the one i want

does anyone know if having the two wifi options on the system could cause problems or i just select the one i want

when I set up the wifi, do i set it up using the vnc system that is on the rasberry pi3 as the input or do I use the mac operating system te connect the wifi

hopefully the answers to these questions will help me get the wi fi connected so i can disconnect eathernet cable from the macbook. any help is appreciated
i hope someone understands my questions


Hi dlorfel,

It looks like you’re asking about connecting a Raspberry Pi to your laptop over wifi. I just want to make sure: you’re using our operating system Raspbian for Robots, correct? If so:

  • Raspberry Pi connects to the internet through the wireless router.
  • When you feed in commands to Pi, you are accessing the ssh of the Pi through the Mac and that’s where are you are programming.
  • You can check the status of your wireless adapters using iwconfig command on your command line.
  • Trying to select one of the Wifi adapters might cause a problem, you can switch off an adapter using sudo ifdown <wireless adapter like wlan0 or wlan1> or just pull off the adapter which you don’t wish to use.
  • VNC viewer gives access to your Pi to configure Wifi.

You can have a look at this video to setup your Wifi.

Please let us know if this helps, and if you have any other questions,