Connection between two or more GoPiGos

Hi guys,

What is the best way to transfer some information from a GoPiGo to another? E.g. first GoPiGo detect motion and send subsequently an event to another GoPiGo.


If you want two GoPiGo’s to communicate with each other, the easiest way would be to use a socket program where one of the GoPiGo’s can act as a server and the other as a client and both can exchange information. This is more of python networking. You can find an example for it here:

Do you have a project in mind with this and do keep us updated on how this goes for you.


Hi Karan

it works fine, thanks a lot. I will explain my project as soon I have a working use case to show. The idea in general is to establish communication between two GoPiGos, so they can share the sensor information among each over.


Hope this will help you…Python Socket Programming