Connections, connections, connections


My GoPiGo arrived last week and I assembled it fairly easily (though I was bigger than what I thought).
I ordered a GoPiGo with ultrasonic sensor, a camera module and a servo motor.
First of all, can the camera module and the USS work at the same time ?
Can a 9V battery replace 6 1.5v batteries without causing problems to the hardware ?

I connected everything to my RPi B+ and connected my GoPiGo to my modem to access it from my win8 running laptop. I could access it via PuTTY (or MobaXterm) BUT:
after being configured I had no traffic via wifi.
I couldn’t open a GUI

How can I resolve those issues ?

Thank you !

You can only connect either the Ultrasonic sensor or the camera to the servo mount at a time. There are a few slots on the chassis that should allow you to mount the camera directly there, so that you can use both the US sensor and the camera together.

You can replace the AA cells with a 9V battery but it would not run for long.

Can you give a few more details on what is not working. Are you able to connect directly with Ethernet or wifi by SSH or VNC or are you completely unable to connect to it.


BUT: after being configured I had no traffic via wifi. I couldn’t open a GUI

I would recommend getting on via SSH (putty) or VNC and setting up your Pi to connect directly to your wifi network. This should give you access to the outside internet. Right now, with the ethernet cable, you can only access the internet via your laptop (or whatever’s hooked up) and it can be tricky to setup a bridge. The easiest way to get internet on your Pi is to hook up a wifi connection.

8 months later, I’m giving it another go (don’t judge me, I became a dad and had to deal with non-virtual debugging with my kid…takes a lifetime to program these things)

What you are actually recommending, If I get all this correctly, is that:
#1 I unhook my Rpi from the Gopigo, and then hook it up to my TV to make sure my wifi dongle is working ? And configure my wifi with my Rpi only?

#2 Do option #1 while the Rpi in on the Gopigo

#3 something else entirely.

Thanks in advance !

Congratz daddy :slight_smile:
I used option #2 but as always YMMV

Hey Maethis,
If you’re new to the Pi or Linux, indeed it might be good to start with the Pi setup with a monitor and keyboard. It will boot to the desktop, and from there you can setup your wifi. We recommend doing that, it’s going to be the easiest way to setup wifi and get your Pi updated.

You can do all of these without the Pi attached to the GoPiGo.

Congrats on being a new Dad! That’s fantastic news, I hope you’re getting some sleep!