Conntect PivotPi with GoPiGo


I saw the video where someone made the GoPiGo waiving a flag with multiple servos and I guess a PivotPi So how can I connect multiple servos on my GoPiGo setup?
Will a Servo splitter cable also do the trick?

I want to attach a meArm on top of my GoPiGo.

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This video uses the Pivotpi which is connected to the Gopigo via the i2c port with a simple Grove cable. That would let you control 8 servos individually plus the servo that is Gopigo specific. Should be plenty for the MeArm I think



Awesome to hear it is possible!
How do I instruct the Pi to send a signal through the i2c to a specific servo?

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Hello @k2403902
are you trying with Python or with Scratch?

We have “Your First Program in Python” and “Your First Program in Scratch” videos to help you get started.