Considering Buying GoPiGo -- Couple of Questions


I am absolutely new to Python and Raspberry Pi (though well-versed in VBA). I am looking to purchase a Raspberry Pi and a Starter Kit – I have no hobbies besides reading and I have always wanted to build a robot.

How does one control the Robot? Can it be done from a browser or smartphone?

If I purchase and install a camera, can it transmit a video feed over Wi-Fi? Is there a tutorial for this?

Hey EnigmaMatter,

Cool, welcome to robotics! The GoPiGo is a great kit to start robotics with. And if you have any questions along the way, please come back to the forums!

For some of the specific controls for the robot, we have examples and code work:

Control with programming:

A browser controller robot (we show you how to control it with your phone as well):

Control the robot with a PS3 controller:

Or control the GoPiGo with a mouse:

Also, I don’t think that there will be much trouble learning Python if you know VBA already.

Let us know how it goes!!