Continuous Reading from Sensors (RPI-node-red)


I have recently started working with RaspberryPI and GrovePI. I have installed the node-red and Node.js and then installed the GrovePI nodes into Node-Red from scratch. Everything is working perfect so far apart from one thing:

The sensors are sending continous readings in very short-times. For example; when I turn the rotary angle it does sense the changes but when I stop turning it, the reading do not stop. It’s either reading one up or one down all the time. Except when it’s full turned up or down.

I would understand a sound sensor to be reading data continuously but an analog rotary sensor is not understandable.

Please suggest any solutions.

Kind regards,

Hi @mamin,

Can you share with us the code that you are using and a screenshot of the output that you are getting.
Can you also try this example which is in python and tell us if its any better, so that it will be easy to identify the problem.