Controlling Fan

Hi i have a raspberry and a grovepi+.

I want to control a fan with stop/start. A fan like a fan from a personal computer (5V or 12V).

How can i connect the fan to the grovepi? Only over the GPIO?

Thx for helping

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That depends on what you mean by “controlling” the fan.
Speed? Simple on/off? Use to blend milkshakes? (:wink:)

In any event, it is VERY unwise to connect any high-current device to the GPIO pins on the Pi. Depending on the value of the limiting resistance used, even a LED can draw enough power to fry the outputs of the Pi.

In essence, the GPIO pins have enough power to drive other logic devices, but need output drivers to handle any significant amount of current. (Where “significant” is any amount of current greater than a few milli-amps.)

Based on both this, and the other questions you’ve posted, I think you should read-up on the Pi. This is not to say that you are not competent robotically, or with computers, but you should read-up on the particular strengths and weaknesses of the Pi itself.

There are a number of books and magazines available - both in print and on-line - that talk about building electronic projects with the Pi.

Once you see what the Pi can, and cannot, do - you will be better able to design and build the things you want.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions, and let us know what’s going on with your experiments!

It indeed depends on what you want to do. It depends on your definition of control. A 5V fan can be controlled via GPIO to switch it on/off. I do so in one of my projects. If you want to control the speed you get into PWM. Can still be done… If you want 12V than things get a bit more complex… See e.g. that gave me ideas…

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