Controlling GoPiGo from MAC?

Hello all,

So, I’ve successfully done the basic robot controls (event had to reverse a motor) via keyboard, plugged into the raspi2 mounted onto the GoPiGo.

Now, I want to control it, not via a wired keyboard, but wirelessly from my macbook pro. I wound up at the end of this page, having followed all the directions, confounded as how to continue (let alone knowing what a VNC address is):

Thanks for all your help!

Got it! I looked under “ethernet” and found it there (I was looking in Wifi).


You can log into your Raspberry Pi using Bash on your Mac. Again, we’ll open up a new terminal: Press “Command Space”, which opens Spotlight. Type “Terminal” and the terminal will come to the top. Click on the terminal icon. In Bash, type

ssh pi@raspberrypi.local
You’ll be prompted to verify you’re trying to login to the Raspberry Pi. Type “yes” an press return. Type the password. The default password for the BrickPi image is “raspberry”. Type “raspberry” and press return.

Boom! You’re logged into your Raspberry Pi and ready to start programming the GoPiGo!

Boom indeed. Sorry for wasting people’s time. :slight_smile:

Great feeling to have come thus far!

Hey Ian, no worries! Thanks for letting us know you got it!!