Controlling/interfacing Gopigo from Minecraft


Anyone aware of a way to control the Gopigo using Wifi connection from Minecraft running on a laptop. Basically, I would like to, for example, draw some walls in Minecraft, and then have the Gopigo doing the same figure in the real word, or have the gopigo doing the same movement of the first person in Minecraft, or having a virtual gopigo Minecraft, and when it’s encountering a wall in the virtual word, it’s doing the same movement in the physical word.

Cool idea! No, we haven’t done this or heard of this done before. HOWEVER, it sounds like an awesome project. You could even make maps in minecraft, and have the GPG navigate using those maps. I take it you’ve seen this:

Especially the python interface for minecraft?

Thanks, John. I’ll have a look and let you know the progress. Working for a science project for my 9 years old daughter to interface a virtual world (minecraft) with the physical IoT (a GoPiGo)…

Excellent, sounds like a very cool project!!