Correct Procedure for Transferring Power Source[SOLVED]

So I want to program the GoPiGo with the Pi plugged into the wall since I don’t want to use batteries like crazy, but do I need to shut the Pi down before powering the battery source on to test the functionality, or can I have both powered on simultaneously? I don’t want to fry the circuitry with too much power or anything, and I can’t find this documented anywhere else.

To break it down can I boot up the Pi, program with usb power from the wall, power on the GoPiGo board, unplug the wall power (keeping the Pi booted this whole time), run code etc, plug back into usb power, and power off GoPiGo board?

Thanks in advance!

Both the microUSB and the AA battery pack can be used simultaneously. If you are not going to use the motors at all, then you can just use the microUSB to power the GoPiGo, but it is usually recommended to keep both the AA battery pack and microUSB connected when you are developing, so that the Pi is powered from the MicroUSB most of the time and you can run the motors too.


Thank you! This is very helpful to know!