Could not find a GoPiGo

Just received my gopigo set
download installed sd card, setup wifi
but when going to the control, it says: Warning: Could not find a gopigo
please tell me what to do here?
and also i was trying to update firmware with motors connected, maybe i damage board but just before ordering new board is there anything else to test to make sure it’s not a software fault?,

here is the image

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Hello @syamkerai14, a few questions for you:

  1. Are you using the GoPiGo2 or GoPiGo3?
  2. Are you using Raspbian for Robots operating system? If so, what is the date (or the date of the latest software update)?
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i am using a gopigo2 robot and yes i have updated the firmware

@syamkerai14 can you please answer the second question:

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Thanks for your support. But I have to check later.

The check is simple. Does your desktop have the Dexter Ind logo as it’s background picture? If it does than It is Raspbian for Robots.

It’s raspbian for robots for sure.

@masterautolocksmith could you please share a picture of how you have the GoPiGo2 and the Raspberry Pi assembled?