Could not find gopigo

I am currently running rasbian for robots on my gopigo3 when I open the GoPiGo Control Panel it says warning could not find gopigo.p even though I am connected over WiFi. When I attempt the troubleshoot my gopigo it immediately says all test are complete the log has been saved to desktop However when I go back to to the control panel it still states could not find gopigo.

Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.

So this could be just a bug with only the control panel. If you ran the tests and the motors ran and everything then your GoPiGo is fully functional. Until that is figured out you can use it.
Here’s the getting started guide:

Your also not really missing much in the control panel. It basically let’s you just click a button to move it forward or left or blink the lights or stuff like that. Though it is kinda fun…

Hello @saquiz2002

What does the log file from the Troubleshooting script say?
Can you post it here?
I’m mainly interested in the firmware information.