Couldn't run several GoPiGo's on same network

I’m a teacher and bought a class set of GoPiGo’s I’m having trouble running several GoPiGo’s on the same router. 3 different lap tops connected to the same GoPiGo. I hard wired them before hand with the ethernet cord and set up the wireless seperately on each one. They worked when only one GoPiGo was turned on at a time.
Any advice suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi @charlesrichardson,

Thanks for reaching out to us, It looks like this issue is because of all the GoPiGo’s having the same hostname dex and hence it works well with one at a time. In order to resolve this, you will have to assign a different hostname to each of the GoPiGo.

We have a tutorial here which would guide you through in changing the hostname.

We also have tool called Fing which helps you to identify the devices connected to your router and to address networking issues. You will have to install Fing on a cell phone, connect the cell to the router and Fing will let you know what’s connected. We have a tutorial on this here.

Please let us know if this helps,