Crashing Pi

I received my Arduberry and Raspberry Pi this last weekend, having eagerly awaiting it since the Kickstarter ended. After finally getting the longer HDMI cable I needed, I assembled the unit, put in the SD card, and… splat.

I can see the raspberry pi boot up sequence, but when I get to the graphical interface, I can move the mouse around, but I have a black screen with a grey bar that pops up every few seconds on the bottom of the screen. I have let it sit for quite a while, thinking this was normal (Raspberry Pi newb here). Nothing changed.

I went to the Github site, and am downloading the image there, as the image on the SD card only appears to be approximately 20MB. Comparing this to image on Github, sitting at 513MB, I am curious what happened to my card? Could a bad image be the problem? Just looking for a direction as to how to proceed. I am about to attempt the new image shortly, so I will post once I know if that works.

Digging into this a bit further, it seems as if the GUI just wont load. I can CTRL ALT F2 and get to the prompt, but the GUI just doesnt load for me.

Any help would be most appreciated.

I am still using the stock image that came with my Pi / Arduberry.

I haven’t tried using the arduberry image, I just use Raspbian and the install script. However, if you want to try and flash the image you downloaded to your sd card, you can follow the instructions here:

Thanks for the input. I have come to the conclusion that the aruberry image that came with my Pi is just corrupt. Starting with a fresh install, then running the install script.

Is this the only script you ran to get the Arduberry talking with the Pi?

Excuse my Newb questions. Been using arduino for a while, but this whole Raspberry Pi thing is all new to me, let alone interfacing the two!

Yes, that’s the one. And no problem, its more the blind leading the blind. I’ve only been working with raspberry pi for about half a year, but like you, have been working with arduino much longer.

Here are the instructions for starting fresh :slight_smile:

Bleem313 and jgemell284, indeed, it sounds like you have a corrupted image somehow. Your quickest way to deal with it is to start fresh as bleem313 describes: reburn the image.

This process is not terribly hard, and we have it outline here:
This link is for the BrickPi, but the process is exactly the same. Click on “Download and use our modified Raspbian image:”

jgemmell we’re sorry for the hassle, if you’d prefer we replace the SD card entirely, please contact us through our website: