Dave Wants To Hit The Juice

Poor Dave has been very patiently watching Carl “play” all day and night, in hopes he too will be fitted with everything required for him to hit the juice when needed.

Notice Anything Missing?

Some time back I purchased an iRobot charging base and a set of iRobot contacts with the intention to grant Dave eternal life through ROS 2 location, mapping, and navigation functions, but only now bought the missing link - a brass strip like Carl’s.

I feel the pressure mounting to reopen the ROS 2 for GoPiGo3 adventure.

p.s. Sometimes Dave complains about not having enough ROS 2 friends…


Great for Dave.

Yeah - Finmark has been in stasis. Since moving last year I’ve been enjoying setting up and working in my workshop. Doing more physical things and way less programming.



My hope is that all the “Pi Shortage Is Over” publicity will bring some new folk to the GoPiGo3 that will see the ROS 2 GoPiGo3 potential worth investigating. We’ve laid the groundwork.

Carl will turn “five years old” this week, and “ROSbot Dave” is a little over “two years old”, with enough time passed since development that I no longer remember how to maintain them without deep searches of my notes.

My memory of the ROS 2 GoPiGo3 tech front is that someone needs to successfully implement encoder-imu or encoder-PiCamera fusion to make localization good enough for Dave to reliably explore and return to his docking station.

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