1. In EV3, there is only the read coords block.
  2. Heading returns numbers from 0 to 180. Shouldn’t the degrees be 0 to 360, or what is it actually showing?

Also the store link is down for dCompass?

Hey Viado,

It’s been a while since we’ve written or worked with this software. Does it read into the negative numbers?

Re - Store link - We’re no longer selling the dCompass so we’ve taken it down.

The heading nr-s go from 0 to 180. The x y z can read into neg. numbers.

Also where can i dl the nxt-g dcompass block?

You can find the dCompass block here:

The Java code here:

And the NXC code here:

Also you can find more information on how it works in our wiki here: http://www.dexterindustries.com/manual/lego-mindstorms-sensors/dcompass/

Does the heading # then represent in degrees dcompass’ position relative to north? So if it’s 0 it’s pointed straight at north?

Viado, that’s right. Note you’ll have some magnetic declination wherever you are; if you look at some of the examples I think we show how to handle offsetting that.

There is no place to enter offset # in the EV3 block sadly.

Last question, in which direction is the north relative to the sensor if it returns 0 for example?

Is it straight out of the sensor? (like the arrow here:

Yes! Correct!