Debian 11 (Bullseye) - When will we see a support notification for the Dexter libraries?

I see a lot of chatter about the fact the we’re unable to use GrovePI+ on the latest OS (bullseye). A problem which I’ve just run into upgrading my own PI.

May I ask: how we’re going to hear about a fix and how we’d be notified about the release, which should allow us to upgrade to the latest OS.


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It’s not going to happen any time soon because Bullseye is still not sufficiently stable to base a robotics platform upon - if they implement something today it’s an even money bet that some change will break it tomorrow. :wink:

Not to mention that there are so many fundamental changes that most everything broke, and re-spinning everything isn’t a trivial task.

However, when it does happen, it will be posted here on the forum.

Usually when they release something like this, they offer it to forum members first to beta test and report issues.

Grove feedback would be especially valuable since folks like myself either don’t have one, or don’t have the bandwidth for it.

Someone who has one and could dedicate test time would be absolutely golden!

You will need to check back periodically.



This is from @cleoqc who is the authoritative source for GoPiGo and Dexter information:

Note that she does not mention updated library support for Grove, but I strongly suspect that if the GoPiGo libraries get updated, a lot of that will be good for the Grove platform too.

If you want to get your two cents in, send an e-mail to and that gets right on the engineer’s desk.